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Ultravision™ is transforming the quality of the visual field during laparoscopic surgery.

Its unique mode of action effortlessly and unobtrusively eliminates surgical smoke particles from the operative visual field without the need for carbon dioxide exchange.

This means fewer pauses during the procedure, less camera cleaning and no surgical smoke particles released into the operating room. Consequently, as there is no gas exchange, Ultravision™ is CO2 sparing.

The Technology

Ultravision™ uses the proven process of electrostatic precipitation to eliminate surgical smoke and provide a continuously clear visual field during laparoscopic surgery.



Ultravision™ in use

Ultravision™ can be used in traditional laparoscopic or robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery.  It has been evaluated in a range of procedures and is regularly used by Gynaecologists, Urologists, Colorectal and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons.

Clinical assessments have rated the visual clarity as ‘good’ or excellent’ and Laparoscopic Surgeons consistently report they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘highly satisfied’ with Ultravision™.

Why Ultravision™?


Ultravision™ has been shown to deliver benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers. In a randomised, controlled, blind study in laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the following benefits were demonstrated:


  • Greatly improved visibility
  • Zero release of CO2 into the operating room
  • Surgery time reduced by 17%
  • No pauses in 77% of procedures
  • 34% less CO2 used
  • No camera cleaning in 85% of procedures

The Ultravision™ generator is a portable, battery-powered energy device.


Electrostatic precipitation is a low energy process. The Ultravision™ generator delivers 500-1,000 times less energy to the patient than electrosurgical instruments.


The Ultravision™ 5mm trocar combines the functionality of a conventional 5mm trocar with the smoke clearing performance of the Ionwand™.


This integration enables simplified Ionwand™ placement with improved performance and ergonomics for more challenging laparoscopic procedures.


The trocar is ergonomic, lightweight and low profile:

  • The dilating tip provides effortless entry
  • A microgroove retaining thread offers excellent fixation and stability
  • The conical entry ensures easy instrument insertion

The Ionwand™ delivers the energy to the abdominal cavity.

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