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The LEXION System


Creating a New Standard for Pneumoperitoneum
Stable Pneumo


The AP 50/30 Insufflator and InsuflowPort use real-time pressure sensing to deliver the balanced and steady pneumo. This intelligent system enables you to operate at Low or High pressure regardless of leaks or instrumentation.


Enhanced Visualisation


The PneuView Smoke Eliminator rids your field of vision of plume and combustion by-products, whilst the InsuflowPort uses CO2 conditioning to reduce lens fogging, improving your view, so you can perform top of the line care.


Increased Safety


The one way insufflator, AP 50/30, the sealed access port, InsuflowPort, and the closed loop smoke evacuator, PneuView XE, ensure no unfiltered room air gets in and no abdominal gas, smoke, or viral particles get into the Operating Theatre. Keeping surgeon, staff and patient safe.


Cost Effective


Hospital and patient costs should not prevent you from operating with top of the line equipment. LEXION believe in providing affordable, exquisite technology so you can perform exquisite care.



A New Standard for Pneumoperitoneum


The AP 50/30 Insufflator maintains pneumo regardless of leak or instrument for any laparoscopic or robotic surgery with the ability to perform at low pressures, high flow, or standard flow.

Always Pneumo


The AP 50/30 Insufflator maintains pneumo regardless of leak or instrument for any laparoscopic or robotic surgery with the ability to perform at low pressures, high flow, or standard flow.

Delivers 100% Carbon Dioxide


LEXION is committed to using 100% Carbon Dioxide to reduce the incidence of subcutaneous emphysema as compared to Carbon Dioxide with added air. Using air (nitrogen) to supplement pneumo has been shown to be hazardous and harmful to patients.



Offers Standard/High Flow, Paediatric, Bariatric, Vessel Harvesting, and TAMIS Modes.

Intelligent Insufflation


Utilises real-time intracavitary pressure and flow sensing technology to deliver optimum pneumo throughout the entire surgery.



Conditioned Gas Delivery


The InsuflowPort® is the only gas conditioning trocar and tubing to deliver 95° Fahrenheit and 95% Humidity Carbon Dioxide to optimise visualisation with clinical benefits.

Improve Visualisation


Heating and humidifying the Carbon Dioxide for insufflation as it enters the body, dramatically reduces incidence of lens fogging for optimal visualisation.



InsuflowPort® provides consistent velocity and pneumoperitoneum, even with an instrument present. Gas does not flow through the port scope or instrument lumen. Gas flow is separated to an isolated outer channel diverting gas away from the port tip and delivered laterally.

Clinical Outcomes


By heating and humidifying pneumo to 95°F / 95% humidity, we reduce the instance of cell dessication resulting in:


  • Less hypothermia
  • Less peritoneal damage
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Decreased amount of pain medication
  • Shortened recovery room stay
  • Improved patient satisfaction
InsuflowPort® Series*


The InsuflowPort® is available in multiple sizes customised to your needs


  • 5mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm


*All sizes available in Bariatric length



Closed System


PneuView® XE is a closed-circuit, active smoke eliminator. Pneumo flows from insufflator, to patient, whilst abdominal gas, plume, and combustion by-products are removed through the PneuView® XE and out of the Operating Theatre via your vacuum source.

ULPA Filtration


PneuView® XE Active Smoke Eliminator offers ULPA filtration, which filters down to 0.01 micron eliminating all harmful contaminants associated with combustion, including viral particles.

A New View


Dramatically improve visualisation. PneuVIEW® XE actively evacuates and removes all smoke plume including hazardous gas for a clear view throughout surgery.

Custom Evacuation


With its unique push button valve system the PneuVIEW® XE allows the surgical team to instantly customize the amount of smoke removal needed. It can remove up to 15 Liters per minute of surgical plume and harmful combustion by-products, ensuring a clear field of view whilst maintaining pneumoperitoneum.

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