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Delivering professional training and education opportunities for Surgeons, Theatre Staff and Nurses are at the heart of BOWA’s mission to strengthen procedure skills and knowledge on safe and effective use of our products. We work closely with key opinion leaders and leading hospitals to develop and facilitate both basic and advanced training workshops and courses which benefit healthcare professionals and patient care around the world.

We are proud to use and offer our own surgical training facility for internal and external workshops and courses, the Surgical Skills Lab, based at our BOWA MEDICAL UK facility in Devon.


The Surgical Skills Lab provides an operating theatre environment in which Surgeons, Operating Theatre Staff and Nurses can learn or practice in a realistic setting. The Surgical Skills Lab, compromising six trainee workstations, a separate mentor’s workstation as well as two sets of changing rooms, can accommodate groups between 12 – 20 delegates during each course. Trainees can practice and advance their skills and knowledge using simulated surgical or animal tissue models in a wet lab setting.

Our UK and International guests experience a complete professional training and education programme which typically consist of theory-based lectures in our meeting room, hands-on sessions in the Skills Lab and live procedures in key training centres.


Please contact [email protected] to enquire about hiring our facilities, organising a medical / surgical course or booking a space on one of our workshops and courses which can be viewed on the events page.

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