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ERGOact Instruments

The first laparoscopic instrument with bipolar manual activation

  • 360° shaft rotation
  • Reusable, with simple reprocessing
  • Effective steering and better control by manual switching
  • Comfortable for all hand sizes
  • Safe, upright stance for the surgeon


First-of-its-kind instrument for bipolar coagulation with manual activation


In the operating theatre, hands are the most important and effective tool. Working with the foot switch is therefore a potential source of danger. With the new ARC Generation and ERGOact, the first instrument for bipolar coagulation with manual activation, it is possible for the first time in this class of instruments to operate without a foot switch. All concentration is on the surgical work with the hands. The 360° shaft rotation ensures easy handling in an ergonomically optimal position.


The surgeon no longer has to search for the foot switch and benefits from a safe, upright stance. The result is ergonomic operation with improved safety, control and comfort.

Cost-effective laparoscopic instrument


The ERGOact reusable laparoscopic instrument is cost-effective and easy to reuse. Reusable rather than disposable instruments for tremendous cost savings in laparoscopic surgery.

COMFORT SYSTEM for optimal process reliability

ERGOact is one of the BOWA COMFORT instruments. COMFORT instruments are automatically recognised by the Plug’n Cut COMFORT function of the new ARC-HF generators when plugged in. The specific settings of the instrument are preselected and the procedure can begin immediately.


The COMFORT SYSTEM is the first optimal solution for the highest process reliability in the operating theatre. It counts and documents the number of remaining uses of the instrument and shows this figure on the display. The result is 100% clean instrument and quality management.

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