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Maximum efficiency for bipolar sealing and cutting

Ergonomics meets economics
With the ERGO 310D, you can enjoy advantages of an innovative, multi-function instrument for laparoscopic operations. Special attention has been given to the cutting mechanism, which is fully separate from the actuation lever for opening and closing the jaw insert. This virtually eliminates the inadvertent parting of tissue.


The activation button is centrally positioned and can be pressed with the thumb or index finger. The atraumatic jaw insert is equipped with an integrated, very sharp high-performance blade. As a sterile single-use device for vessel sealing, the ERGO 310D is easy to handle and immediately usable.


Active tissue manipulation is possible by pressing the activation lever.


With the instrument jaws closed, blunt tissue preparation is possible and is additionally supported by the unilateral jaw geometry.


Tissue and vessels can be grasped by closing the grip lever. Latching followed by activation with the hand switch until a signal tone sounds initiates the sealing process.


Tissue can be parted at any time with the integrated blade.

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