BOWA ARC PLUS for ARC 400 / 350

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Electrosurgical Device

ARC PLUS – the ground-breaking addition with argon support
ARC 400 and ARC PLUS – the premium high-performance combination.


Argon-assisted electrosurgery offers a major benefit: contact-free work on large surfaces with diffuse bleeding and fine dosage on sensitive structures. ARC 400 combined with ARC PLUS is the premium workstation for surgery and endoscopy, permitting ultra-simple application thanks to reliable ignition and, at the same time, offering excellent perforation safety with low power settings.


Contact-free. Reliable. Fast.
An electrical bridge is created between the instrument and the tissue in argon-assisted electrosurgery, with the aid of the ionisation of argon gas. The argon beam produced with ARC PLUS can be administered particularly well and can be used for contact-free haemostasis. Take advantage of enhanced clinical effectiveness for fast contact-free coagulation with maximum perforation safety and simple administration.

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