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Electrosurgical Device

In the ARC 250 you have the in-house specialist when it comes to world-class electrosurgical cutting and coagulation. Both a monopolar and a bipolar instrument can be connected for procedures in surgery plastic surgery, ENT, gastroenterology, dermatology, urology and gynaecology, and all basic electrosurgical functions are available.


Reproducible tissue effects and safe power dosing
The ARC CONTROL arc controller adjusts the power output with tissue aberrations and changes to the surface or speed to the minimum required in each case. It delivers only as much power as is actually needed for the electrosurgical effect.


Easily programmable
The ARC 250 is easy to program It is possible to set and name your individual programs on a total of 100 storage locations. There are also a number of different programs with recommended basic unit settings to choose from.

Intuitive, fast operation

The monopolar and bipolar outputs are both adjusted by means of one-touch keys. All settings appear on the front of the unit and on the LCD display.

High-tech base

The ARC 250 offers all standard electrosurgical modes and useful functions, such as AUTOSTART or safety features, like EASY neutral electrode monitoring or the integral error memory and ISSys continuous self-checking.

Ideal for resection

The ARC 250 with its 250 W offers the ideal conditions for resection with monopolar resectoscopes and hysteroscopes and even vaporisations can be performed.


GastroCut LOOP is ideal for resections with loop electrodes.


With the ARC 250’s GastroCut modes, gastroenterologists can achieve the best results with polypectomies and papillotomies and endoscopic resections with loops or knife electrodes.


Users can variably adjust the haemostasis level of cutting and coagulation power to three speeds “slow”, “medium” and “fast” as required to meet their needs. Every cut is thus optimised, and the operator can simply regulate the coagulation effect between nine different levels using the effect setting. This allows the surgeon to work cautiously to avoid complications, as well as proceed rapidly when the situation allows it.


GastroCut KNIFE is designed for cutting with needle knifes or papillotomies.

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